Friday, January 7, 2011


Stacy, Feliz, Daniel and Samantha Visit At the Employment Center

At the Big Apple Circus.

Looks cold to me!

Daniel making a snow angel. He was pretty excited about the snow.

Day after snow storm

The 1st snowfall of winter

We had lightning - thunder - and snow. First time every for us to see that!!

Daniel and Samantha

We drove to the Jersey side to check out the view

We decided to try a buggy ride through Central Park -- it was so cold we were just glad when we were done and could get back into the warm car!

Daniel's new Hot Wheel cars

Sam's new slippers

Christmas Morning - Samantha stacking up the gifts!

At Times Square

Stacy, Feliz, Samantha and Daniel at Times Square

Samantha and Daniel - ready for the day!
Stacy, Feliz, Daniel and Samantha came to visit us just before Christmas! We appreciate the time they spent with us!

Todd, Dena and Carsten Visit
Cartsen checking out Elder Ashton's tag and chair! Looks good on him!

Finally we are close to getting inside the "Cake Boss" bakery!! We stood in line for about 1 hour and it was mighty cold!! But the treats were definately worth it.

In front of the "Plaza Hotel"


Wow -- what will they think of next!!

Carsten, Todd, Door Man, and Dean at FAO Schwartz
We had fun going through the store!

Carsten in Central Park

I twas soooooo cold out and what are we doing -- trying out the frozen yogurt????
Even though it was cold -- we are so glad that Todd, Dena and Carsten came to visit us - so fun to have our family come!!!

Elder and Sister Excell

Elder and sister Excell stayed with us after the Company Christmas party and we went to Memphis, had some good food and lots of fun.

For the Employment Center's Christmas Party we went on a Tour of West Point
Sister Gerber was our guide, Sister and Elder Ashton

Tried to get a photo of the cadets starting to line up for lunch

Elder Ashton by the cannons

Some links from the original "Great Chain"

Looking at the "S-Curve" and Constitution Island

The Hudson River's narrow width and sharp turns at West Point created adverse sailing conditions and prompted construction of The Great Chain in 1778 as an obstacle to the movement of British Ships north of West Point. West Point was chosen for the placement of The Great Chain because of the distinctive "S-Curve" the Hudson makes there, which would force any large ship to slow down in order to navigate it, thus making the ship an easier target for artillery batteries. However, the British never attempted to run the chain.

Outside the West Point Chapel
Marty and Joe - must have been a good joke! They are fun to be around. :)

Elder & Sister Ashton, Elder & Sister Excell, Joe Doria (Employment Center Manager), Larry Turk, Marty Oestreicher (Employment Center Associate Manager), and Linda Barnes

West Point Chapel - it is amazing how they get the books lined up so exactly!

Sister Excell and Sister Ashton inside the West Point Chapel

West Point Stadium
We were wishing that we had tried to go to one of their football games last fall. Sister Gerber says it is really something to watch.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The parade starts around W 77th Street - so we made it down to 72nd and watched it from there - and then went home and watched it on TV. I could only get pictures of the big balloons. :)

Joel and Michelle came to visit!!
In Central Park
Joel and Michelle in Central Park

At Statue of Liberty
At the airport - with treats for the kids - ready to go back home.
Joel and Michelle came to New York to visit us for a week. When I finally got around to posting this on our blog, I realized that they had taken all of the pictures -- so I had to steal a few from Michelle. :) We had some good adventures with them - found some parts of Central Park that we hadn't been to - found some great desert places and enjoyed spending time with them!!

Till We Meet Again . . . . . .
Sister Walker, Sister Ashton and Sister Chatfield

Elder Marr and Elder Ashton

We feel that we have a great “Army of Missionaries” in New York working faithfully to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are grateful for the opportunity to get to know them and work with them.

Sister Walker and Sister Chatfield

Sister Chatfield and Sister Ashton
November transfers sent home quite a few of the missionaries that we worked with and grown to love.

The first of November we spent a few days in Rochester visiting the Volunteer Employment Center there. Elder and Sister Hutchins are the missionaries that serve in that Center and somehow I didn't get their picture. But we did enjoy visiting with them!